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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ActiveE Part Duex!

Back on January 13th, 2012 I picked up the first ActiveE at a nice handover ceremony held at BMW's North American headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, NJ.
Getting an ActiveE was so much fun last year, I decided to do it again! We'll, that's not exactly the case, but I am getting another ActiveE tomorrow. The real reason I 'm getting a second ActiveE now is because six weeks ago I was unfortunately involved in a bad accident and my ActiveE was declared totaled.

In the interim I have been driving my Toyota Tacoma pick up which usually gets very little use. On one hand it was good to give it some use, but for the first time in over four years I've been driving a gasser every day and I have quickly been reminded how expensive gasoline is! I drive a lot and put over 53,000 miles on my ActiveE in the 19 months I had it so I drive nearly 100 miles a day. I've needed to refill the Toyota every four to 5 days and at $60 a clip it has added up to a lot of money even in this short period of time. I figure I've spent about $350 so far and I didn't even drive much initially after the accident. If I had my ActiveE I would have spent about $100 in electricity over the same period. It's really easy to see how high mileage drivers can quickly recoup the higher initial cost of some electric cars by the fuel savings alone.

Plugged in at home
I've really missed the smooth, quiet driving experience of an EV, and it's been strange going to gas stations so often again. I definitely look forward to pulling into the garage and plugging again when I arrive home at night. Funny how many people who have never owned an electric vehicle think plugging in will be such an onerous task, but experienced EV drivers like doing so, and really prefer it to going to gas stations. I know nobody likes going to gas stations, so I don't know why some people aren't jumping on the opportunity to relieve themselves of ever doing it again. Perhaps it's just a case of  "the devil you know".

Next post: Pictures of my new ActiveE and other electric cars from our North Jersey National plug in Day event at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. Stop by to check out the cars and say hi if you are in the area. The event is this Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.


  1. Tomorrow!!! Welcome Back Tom, but you really never left!

  2. Congratulations Tom. BMW would have been very foolish if they didn't find a way to get you in a new car. I'm a bit surprised it's not an i3 though. That would have been their best move, you even gave them the perfect opportunity and excuse to get you one early. Although I'm sure they have a plan for that to happen soon in any event. Keep up the great work!

  3. I feel like the warning flag has been lifted on the track and the mileage race is ON again!

    I vote for bridging of miles served! Do I need a second on this vote!

    Welcome back my "nemesis"

    1. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Let me grab the popcorn... :)

      Tom, is your new ActiveE new, i.e. a couple of miles on the odometer? If so is there any chance that BMW has a few more left to lease to new folks?

    2. No vdiv, it's not new. There aren't any new ActiveE's. BMW made a single run of 1,100 of them in 2011. This one was being used by a program manager and they will be getting an i3 soon so it became available. They aren't leasing any more of them, so sorry. The ActiveE program is winding down now and the cars will be taken out of service as soon at the i3 is available, which will be in about 5 or 6 months.

    3. Hey Dennis,

      This one had 5,945 miles on it when I got it. So it still has it's training wheels! I'll do my best to break it in now! In all I lost a little over 6 weeks so that was a nice little gift to you and the others trying to catch me!

    4. I've been busy driving around in the better half's "new" Tesla Roadster that our Active E's been somewhat had "easy" service. Besides, I felt that the "warning" flag was up... So, didn't really spend the time trying to catch up... But now, it's ON!