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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back in the Driver's Seat

Just wanted to post a quick update to my last post. I picked up my ActiveE yesterday and so far so good. Today was a very hot day and I was able to charge without any GFCI faults on my public ChargePoint charger. That's the one that was giving me the GFCI faults on hot days, and today being well in the 90's would have definitely given me a fault if I hadn't had it in for service.

So hopefully BMW has figured this one out and will correct the problem the rest of the ActiveE fleet as they go in for service. More importantly, they make sure the i3 and i8 don't also have these GFCI faults.

As you might imagine, I'm very happy to be back to driving on sunshine! :)


  1. Good news Tom!


  2. Arrgh.. Still adding the miles and leaving the rest of us in the dust... Seriously, good to see you keep the pace tough for the rest of us.

    My ActiveE goes in for 35k on Monday! This is the first time I've brought it in before a trip (albeit a short one Tu-Wed) so I'm hopefully not eating into my otherwise good EV driving days.

    Hopefully I get whatever the new GFCI fault fix is... I've noticed some challenges with Chargepoint in not so hot weather (80s) in SoCal the past few months (in stations that worked previously.)