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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BMW i Born Electric Tour Visits New York

Occasionally I'll do a post on my BMW i3 blog that is related to the ActiveE and cross reference it here. This is one of those occasions! Last week the BMW i Born Electric tour visited New York and of course I was there - twice actually! For the recap and some pictures, follow this link: BMW i Does New York.


  1. Hello Tom,

    How are you? BCAA, a member services organization offering roadside assistance, insurance and automotive care services in British Columbia, Canada recently launched a Electric Vehicle Program. To sponsor this program they enlisted Trevor Linden, a now retired 20-year NHL hockey player with mainly the Vancouver Canucks and probably one of the high celebrities in the province, to do promote the program and had him drive an e-car for an entire day giving out free rides to anyone in Vancouver. Notice the double-take he gets from guests asking him "Are you Trevor Linden?" ;-) . Anyway, good job to get this going. and educational, too.

    Hope all is well, wrote an e-mail but you probably had other things on your mind with "Sandy"



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