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Saturday, August 25, 2012


The guilty(alleged) party
In my previous post you can view a video of a truck hitting my ActiveE and then taking off. It happened yesterday afternoon. I made a police report and luckily I had the whole event captured on the surveillance system at my restaurant so I was able to provide the video and still photos of the perpetrator to the police.

I also printed up dozens of extra pictures of the truck and handed them out to the customers that I am friendly with and asked them to call me if they see the truck in the area. Of course all of my delivery people were also on the lookout as they are driving all over the community all day, every day. I knew if the person was local, it was only a matter of time before we would get him. So today when I had some spare time, I started driving around looking for the truck too.  Shortly after I got a text message from one of my delivery guys directing me to a particular street because he said he thought he saw the truck there. When I pulled up I immediately knew it was the truck we were looking for. Just to be certain I got out and looked at the front bumper and saw fresh white paint and even plastic from my bumper. I called Montclair Police Department and they had a car over in about three minutes. It wasn't long before three guys working in the yard came out to ask what was going on.

The officer explained and asked for the owner of the truck. Evidently they work for a construction company and the owner owns the truck but he wasn't there at the time. The officer then asked if any of them were driving the vehicle yesterday around noon and one of the men admitted he was. The officer then asked if he drove the vehicle in the parking lot of Nauna's and if he hit a car there. After a slight delay he admitted to doing so, but qualified the statement with "But I waited for about 5 minutes and nobody came out so I left" The officer then told him that he knows he's lying and if continues to do so he will face further charges. He stuck to his story and I actually started to feel bad for him so I asked him if he wanted to watch the video of him "waiting 5 minutes" which I had on my phone. I showed it to him and he just dropped his head and didn't say anything else - maybe he's not as dumb as I originally thought.

The good news is the truck was registered and insured so it looks like I won't have to pay the $500 deductible. I'll still be without the car for a while but at least it won't cost money also. Case closed. On to the next ActiveE adventure... 
ActiveE white paint and bumper plastic were evident on the truck's front bumper


  1. Glad to see justice is served!

    Now, get that AE repaired and get back on the road!

  2. Thanks Dennis. The car is still on the road. It's perfectly drivable so I'm going to wait until my dealer has all the parts in stock and ready to fix it before I bring it in. I actaully even heated up the bumper skin last night and popped it back out so it looks pretty good other than the scratches and broken taillight which I pieced back together with tape!

  3. That's so cool you got the guy. Hope they throw the book at him. You can't leave like that after smashing someones car. There is no way he didn't know he did it. Nice detective work

  4. Nice detective work. Only a douche would do that and drive off like he did. Good thing you had the camera there. Thats reality TV at its best