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Thursday, August 2, 2012

BMW BLOG: Living with a BMW ActiveE (part 3)

Before I got my ActiveE I was contacted by Horatiu Boeriu, founder and managing editor of BMWBLOG and asked if I would like to do a series of posts on his site about living with an ActiveE. BMWBLOG is one of the (if not the) most well respected website that covers all things BMW. I thought this would be a great venue to expose the faithful BMW 'motorheads' to electric drive - BMW style.

It's really my hope that some of the readers there that may not have even considered looking at the new BMW i brand cars, might have some interest once they read about my experiences with an electric BMW. 
The third installment in my series was just posted today and it's called "Plugging In". It could have well just been a post here so I'm cheating today and rather than giving you all a fresh post here, I'm giving you the link to the post on BMWBLOG... I only have so much spare time to write! :)

BMWBLOG: Living with a BMW ActiveE (Part 3)


  1. I saw this article pop on on CNN Money today:

    For the first time in my life I laughed at an article like that. I LOVE not being controlled by the price of gas.

  2. Hi Tyler,

    Yes, it is incredibly liberating knowing the energy that powers my car is made from the sunlight that reaches my roof. Gas is so last century! ;)

  3. thanks for sharing.