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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spreading The Word

I was recently asked to speak about electric vehicles by Pershing, llc at their Jersey City office. I know the people over at Pershing because they host a of couple green car expos every year.  I'd always brought my MINI-E to the events and I'll be bringing my ActiveE to their next expo in June. So when Diane Raia of Pershing asked me if I would like to speak to some of their employees about my electric car experience and where I think the industry was going, I happily agreed.

She also asked me if I knew any other EV owners who might want to also present and I recommended fellow MINI-E and ActiveE driver Chris Neff. Chris agreed and the two of us presented and then answered questions. For the most part Chris spoke about his experience living with an electric car and I spoke more about the technology side of the industry.

After the session, Diane and a few of Pershing's management team came down to the parking garage to look at our cars and talk about public charging equipment. Pershing has been considering installing chargers for their employees at both their Jersey City and Florham Park locations and I think after listening to Chris and me they are definitely going to go forward with installing the EVSEs. Good win for us!

We also brought a box of BMW i brochures that had i3 & i8 information and handed them out to all the people in attendance so BMW got some good exposure without even knowing it!


  1. Nice going Tom. You are really a great EV advocate and ambassador!

  2. It's clear to see you are passionate about emobility. Thank you for the hard work and commitment you have made to help advance this. People like you make a difference