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Monday, April 9, 2012

East Coast ActiveE Meet Set For Sunday, April 15th!

UPDATE: We have been getting such a great response from people who are bringing their electric vehicles, that I want to ask anyone who is coming and not bringing an electric car, to please park on the street (there is plenty of on street parking), because we will need the entire parking lot for all of the electric cars!

This Sunday, April 15th, ActiveEs within driving range will converge upon my restaurant, Nauna's Bella Casa in Montclair, NJ, for what will be the first of hopefully many BMW ActiveE meets that I play host to.

MINI-Es lined up at a meet in 2011
During the past two years as a participant in the MINI-E trial lease program, I hosted a few meets like this for the MINI-E pioneers. It's really a great way to get to meet each other, talk about our cars and discuss the great aspects, as well as the challenges, of being in the lease program. I've had as many as 14 MINI-Es show-up in the past. But now, there are more ActiveEs than there were MINI-Es, and more people will be bringing their ActiveEs to this meet than ever before. I already have about 25 confirmed ActiveEs coming and another 5 or 6 that are maybes. As with the MINI-E meet-ups, I've encouraged other plug-in car owners to bring their cars as well.  So in addition to the ActiveEs, we will also have Tesla Roadsters, Nissan LEAFs and Chevy Volts, pushing the total of cars up to about 40! That may very well be the largest electric vehicle public gathering in the State of New Jersey...ever!

As with the MINI-E meets, BMW has confirmed that they will have at least one representative in attendance, and maybe more. I've also contacted the president of the New Jersey Electric Automobile Association, Michael Thwaite (who just happens to also drive an ActiveE) and the NJ EAA has graciously agreed to help out with deferring some of the cost of the event. In the past, I paid for everything myself, but as these meets get larger and larger, it's getting expensive, so the NJ EAA's support is much appreciated. I have a level two EVSE at the restaurant, plus there are five public chargers within 2 miles of Nauna's, so up to six people could be charging at the same time. I ask that only the people who NEED to charge in order to get home use the chargers. This way, everyone who needs to charge will be able to do so. Also, if you only need an extra ten or twenty percent, please don't charge all the way to 100% if others are waiting for the EVSE.

So if you have an EV and want to show it off, or if you just want to come by and check out the future of the automobile industry, please stop by!

Sunday, April 15th from 10:30am till 1:00pm

Nauna's Bella Casa
148 Valley Road
Montclair, NJ 07042


  1. Tom, know of any Teslas coming from Boston area?

    1. Hi Paul, I don't know for sure if any of them are coming from the Boston area. I know two from NJ that are coming. There is a post about the meet on the Tesla owners forum so I'm sure a lot of Roadster owners read about the meet and the invitation so perhaps they will.

  2. This is great Tom. I am going to bring the family to look at the cars, we only live about 40 minutes away, thanks for hosting.


  3. Thanks for putting this together, we'll be there to show off our ride!

  4. I am an Active E owner in Monroe Township. I missed out on the April 2012 gathering (because I just got my car on April 10), but I am eager to learn from others. And do you have any knowledge of other Active E or Mini E owners in Central Jersey? I am near turnpike 8A...