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Saturday, April 21, 2012

ActiveE Swag Arrives!

When I got came home last night I found a small box from BMW in my mailbox. BMW has been hinting about a welcome kit that we'd be getting but honestly I just about forgot about it because I've had the car for over three months now. Yes, I was the first person to get an ActiveE, but it was only a couple days after I got mine that they started delivering them to everybody else so many of us have had the cars for a while now.

Chrome 'electric' badge I put on my MINI-E
The kit includes a faux chrome (plastic) badge that can be stuck to the car. Many of us in the MINI-E program ordered and installed chrome badges that said 'ELECTRIC' so everyone knew we were driving an electric car. I guess BMW took note of this(although not enough to have the word "electric" anywhere on the car!) and decided to made a badge that said 'electronaut', the term they use for the ActiveE drivers. As I MINI-E driver I was a 'pioneer', but now I'm an 'electronaut'. I believe(hope) that when I get my i3 I'm just another satisfied BMW owner, there's no need to continue the names once the trial lease programs are over and BMW launches the i brand.

The kit also includes a cool pen, and a stack of business cards that offer basic details on the ActiveE. The thought behind the cards is if someone asks you about the car and you either don't have time to talk to them or just don't want to, you can hand them the card and they can get the basic info and then visit the ActiveE website for more information. Personally I always take the time to talk to someone that asks me about the car in a parking lot, a car wash or another public place. Even when I'm pressed for time, I feel I really need to at least have a brief conversation with them about electric drive, but now I can hand them the card also so they can visit the website.

I'm not sure if I'll be installing the electronaut badge. I have already customized the back of my car and have quite a bit of writing back there already. I don't want it to look too busy. I will definitely use the pen and the business cards though and appreciate the effort BMW made to give us this, even if I wish it came a little earlier. There are others that also did some customizing already and now they may feel this new badge doesn't fit into what they have already done.

The arrival of the welcome kit in coinciding with a new ActiveE information website that BMW just launched this week. I admit I haven't had a lot of time to look at it, and I did originally have difficulty signing into my page, as I was stuck in an endless loop while trying to access the account either through my Facebook or Twitter accounts, something that you were required to do. Once I did get logged in, I could see an interesting page that included links to ActiveE documents (very nice) and live twitter feeds and the latest comments from the ActiveE forum. I think this site has a lot of potential, hopefully it will do some more cool, useful things as time goes on. It just keeps getting better all the time!

The newly customized rear of my ActiveE. I added the word 'Electric' to the left and removed the sticker graphics on that side. I also had the 'no oil' and 'no gas' graphics painted on and installed the license plate holder that reads" My Other Car Funds International Terrorism". I may have enough back there already!


  1. I don't think they are still doing it, but GM rewarded us early Volt adopters with a thank you kit that included a Chevy-branded Flip video camera! Those of us who received the first several hundred Volts had generally ordered before we had even seen the Volt in person, much less done a test drive, so it was a nice gesture.

    I think they hoped we would make videos about how much we loved our news cars and then post them to the Internet, which many did of course. Sadly, in my case I never did use it and it's sitting in a drawer someplace.

    Nice to see BMW treating their customers well too.

  2. Tom
    Where'd you get the great electric decal?
    I'd like to imitate ( the sincerest form of flattery) it looks excellent across from the active e decal!

    Tom L

  3. Tom: Sorry to report but I actually painted it on! That of course isn't allowed! I will also pay to have it removed when I turn the car in. I've got a bit of good will built up the the ActiveE program managers so I did it, but I don't suggest others do so, painting the cars is not an approved modification. Sorry :)

  4. Tom:

    Gotta say, it looks great but I won't follow your lead in the painting dept. You really are handy!

    Oh and thanks again for your gracious hospitality last month--it was a very enjoyable get together and the pizza was delicious

    Tom L