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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Days & Two ActiveE Visits!

Gerald Belton stopped by Nauna's for a bite to eat and some electrons!

During the MINI-E trial lease period I installed an EVSE at my restaurant in Montclair. Having the ability to charge quickly on 240v electric really allowed me to drive basically as much as I needed, and allowed me to drive the most miles of any of the MINI-E lessees. However I wasn't the only person to use it. I announced that any of the MINI-E drivers could stop by and charge for free if they needed the extra juice. I was surprised at how many people took me up on the offer!  Over the course of the two years since I had it installed, I'd say at least 30 or 40 MINI-E pioneers stopped by to charge.

ActiveEs, Teslas, a Volt & Plug in Prius
Recently, I posted on the ActiveE Facebook page that any ActiveE driver in need of a charge is welcome to stop by and plug in. It didn't take long for me to have my first guest. Last night Gerald Belton took me up on the offer and came by for a meal and some electrons. I wasn't there when he came by because at the time, I was at the Temple B’nai Abraham in Livingston, NJ. The Temple was hosting a free screening of Chris Paine's Revenge of The Electric Car and I, along with about ten other electric car drivers, brought our cars and parked them in the front of the Temple before the screening. We talked to the people coming to view the screening and then a couple of us answered questions from the crowd after the movie was over.

Richard Oscar's ActiveE paid a visit
Then tonight I noticed an ActiveE pulling into my parking lot around dinner time. I figured it was either Michael Thwaite or Chris Neff, two ActiveE lessees that live close by and stop by Nauna's from time to time. I was surprised to see it was neither of them, and just a nice couple coming for dinner. They just got their ActiveE last week and are not members of the ActiveE Facebook group. I talked to Richard Oscar and his wife for a while about the car and the program and invited them to the ActiveE Meet-Up I have planned for April 15th (more on that soon) and they said they will be attending.

The EVSE at Nauna's
So Gerald Belton gets the distinction to be the first of what I'm sure will be many ActiveEs stopping by Nauna's for some electrons when he came by last night.  Then tonight I met two more members of the ActiveE's exclusive '700 club'.  Plus last night I had the car on display and spoke with many potential electric car owners. Not bad for a couple of weeknights in March. From the MINI-E program to the ActiveE, one thing that's been so much fun is getting to meet so many people that are interested in many of the same things I am; reducing my carbon footprint, using less foreign oil and promoting the advancement of alternative energy. This EV thing just keeps getting more and more interesting!


  1. That's very nice of you to offer free electric to others driving these cars. Do you have any liability concerns?

    1. No JP I don't worry about it. The J1772 connector is very safe and just about impossible to get shocked from it. I don't spend my life worrying about what if's. I do exercise caution and make reasonable concessions when deciding what or what not to do, but I'm not going to live in a bubble worrying that I'll get sued. Don't sweat the small stuff!

  2. Great example of what we all should be doing to support the wider adoption of EVs.