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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey! That's My Parking Spot!

Rory Cupen's ActiveE getting some electrons from Nauna's EVSE
It was about 4:00pm today and I was returning back to my restaurant after my physical therapy session (I'm recovering from labrum surgery in January) and when I pulled up to where I park and plug in, I saw another ActiveE sitting there and 'filling up'.

So I went inside and met Rory Cupen who lives about 45 miles from Nauna's, actually not too far from where I live. Rory needed a boost of about 25% to comfortably make it home without worrying about the dreaded range anxiety setting in, so he decided to stop by Nauna's. Rory is a member of the Facebook ActiveE group and I recently posted a picture of my EVSE there and offered free charging to all ActiveE drivers. Rory and I had a nice conversation, mostly about EV's and solar electric and then he was on his way. He only needed about an hour and a half of charging to give him the boost that made him confident he'd make it home and I am more than happy to oblige.

Gerard Belton was actually the first Electronaut to stop by with his ActiveE to get some charge, but I can now add Rory Cupen to the list that I'm sure will grow. I had a similar freestanding offer to the MINI-E pioneers during that program and many people took me up on the offer. In addition to the EVSE that I am currently using, I'll be installing a proper public charging station in my main parking lot in the near future so I'll have two EVSE's on site in the event we have multiple electric car owners that need to charge simultaneously. I'll probably have the EVSE in the parking lot set to charge a small fee, but offer complimentary charging if the person eats at the restaurant while they are charging. I just don't want people dropping their car off in my lot and charging all day just because it's free. That would really defeat the purpose of having it available for people that may need it. 


  1. Hi Tom – great meeting you today – and thanks again for the Electrons .. I sure needed it to get home!

    I’ve always been interested in solar energy – minimum investment .. sweet-spot .. diminishing returns. Will be hitting you and the other folks up for words of wisdom.

    See you soon .. Thanks again.


  2. It was great to meet you Rory. That's been one of the unexpected benefits of the MINI-E/ActiveE programs. I have met so many great people and made so many friends in the past couple years. It's great to know there are others that are interested in some of the things I am - so I may not be as nuts as my wife say's I am!

  3. Peter5 (Switzerland, regular reader)March 29, 2012 at 2:24 AM

    "so I may not be as nuts as my wife say's I am"

    This made me laugh pretty hard :)

    You shouldn't be blamed for your great spirit though!

    1. Thanks for reading Peter. I guess you're married also!