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Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Jersey TV Segment on Me and the ActiveE!

New Jersey TV interviewed me about being the first ActiveE customer. They also stopped to chat with Michael Thwaite who is another BMW ActiveE customer and also has an awesome Tesla Roadster.

The interview happened at my home and lasted for about an hour. It aired on NJ TV on Tuesday, February 7th and was then made available online. I love doing things like this because it helps to create awareness about electric vehicles and lets people know they are viable for personal transportation and that there are regular people out there driving them everyday.


  1. Looks great Tom! Keep up the great work spreading the word!

  2. A true pioneer!

    Just curious... how much power does that solar panel generate?

  3. I have an 8.775kW array. On the best days it generates about 60kWh's. It's been averaging about 10,000 kWh's per year.