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Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Out Crusin'

It was a beautiful day this past Saturday and I was fully charged as always in the morning so my wife and I hopped into the ActiveE and went for a leisurely drive around Northern New Jersey. 

Driving around the winding roads of rural New Jersey the ActiveE is such a pleasure to pilot. The instant torque of the electric motor and the aggressive regenerative braking really make driving very enjoyable. The car carves up the curves without touching the friction brakes, as the regen allows me to gradually slow the car down coming into turns simply by lifting the accelerator pedal a bit.

Without even realizing it, and without really going "anywhere" we had driven over 80 miles and managed to visit some areas that we've never seen before. Another thing I love about driving in remote rural areas is how peaceful and quiet it is as I drive along. Sometimes I even turn off the radio and listen to the "silence" for a while. The ActiveE is extremely quiet, and the cabin is much better insulated from road noise than the MINI-E was. You can hear the whine of the regen, but barely hear the electric motor during acceleration. You really need to experience electric drive to appreciate it because it's very different than driving a gas car. There's no engine vibration, no audible feedback when you accelerate and no jerking and shifting gears. It's just a smooth linear acceleration, kind of like being pulled along by a string. Words just don't do it justice, but now that the ActiveE program is open and every day more and more people pick up their shiny new electric BMW's, more and more people are getting hooked on electric drive, even if they don't quite know that just yet. Just give them a little time...


  1. oh you know it, soon hundreds more will be enjoying the ActiveE. My only concern is if BMW will be able to make enough i3s.

    Gas in San Diego is now the costliest in the nation. Good time to be driving on sunshine.
    Great post.,0,5687770.story

  2. I'm sooo jealous! Pennsylvania never gets included in these trials. I don't know if I can wait for the electric beemer to go on sale next year. Have they announced pricing for it yet?

    1. No Joseph, BMW hasn't announced the cost of the i3. Rumors have it anywhere from $35k to $45k. My guess is about $42,000.