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Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Go Time!

Today's the day! BMW has opened applications to the general public so if you live in one of the seven ActiveE markets and want to drive "The Ultimate Driving EV", get over to the ActiveE website and apply. You can also go to a participating BMW ActiveE dealership and apply there. I got mine from JMK BMW in Springfield, NJ and I highly recommend you go there if you live in Northern NJ. Manny Antunes is the ActiveE specialist there so if you go ask to see Manny ans tell him Tom sent you, it can't hurt ;)

Here's the link to apply: BMW ActiveE Application

Good Luck and I'll see you all on the electric highway!


  1. Please fix the RSS feed, it is still not working!

  2. Peter: I know it's not working but I can't figure out why. I even deleted it and reinstalled but same thing. I need to contact Blogger to find out whats wrong

  3. Peter: I think I finally got it working, please check now.

  4. It seems to work now! Thanks!

    Wouldn't want to miss your first true experiences with the car :)

  5. Applied last week and got the charger we use for our Volt approved for use with the ActiveE, then got notified this morning that a car is allocated to us. Should have news on how soon it will be delivered by the end of the week. Looking forward to joining you on the highway soon!

  6. That's great news Joe. The word I'm getting is the people new to the program probably won't get their cars until the very end of February at the earliest. You're going to love it!