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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My AeroVironment EVSE is Installed

The one on the left is the new AeroVironment EVSE. The one on the right is the Clipper Creek chargers that were used for the MINI-E trial. I have retrofitted it with a J1772 connector so it can now charge the ActiveE also.

Today was the day I had my EVSE swapped with the AeroVironment unit that BMW is using for the ActiveE program. The MINI-E pioneers, as an added bonus get the EVSE for free provided we have it installed in the exact same place that we had our MINI-E charger. That way the swap is quick and easy. The electricians came today and completed the swap in about an hour. So I'm good to go now, I just need my ActiveE. I haven't had any official word yet, but the rumors swirling around point to next week sometime, we'll see..

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