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Monday, December 19, 2011

EValuate Your Impact!

BMW has just updated the ActiveE site to include a new feature they are calling the new BMW Evaluation tool where "users can discover the advantages of an EV lifestyle, both financially and environmentally, based on their current driving habits. And when you share the BMW EValuation with your social network, you’ll be able to see the potential impact EVs could have if all of your friends drove one."

I checked it out and it's pretty interesting. You input the miles you drive annually and what kind of car you drive (gas, diesel or hybrid) and it gives you data on things like how much gas you won't have to buy, how much money you'll save, how many pounds of CO2 you won't create, etc. It's interesting stuff, but it would be better if they let you input the current MPG of the car you drive also because then the figures would be a bit more accurate, still it's interesting.

Interested? Stop by The BMW Activate The Future Site and check it out!

1 comment:

  1. Interesting site, thanks for the tip. I agree with you 100% though. They should have allowed you to enter the mpg for your current vehicle and give you real figures instead of this generalization. You know people in BMW what don't you suggest it to them ;)