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Monday, November 21, 2011

The BMW ActiveE Recruitment Process Has Begun

The above picture was taken from the ActiveE site that I just registered on. This was step one of the recruitment process so BMW has officially opened up applications for the MINI-E pioneers that renewed their leases for a second year. BMW hasn't formally announced when the application process opens for the general public, but rumors have it beginning on December 1st.

After completing the simple recruitment form which asked for my address, phone number and what dealer I wanted to pick up my ActiveE from, I received this email:

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for completing the first step of the BMW ActiveE recruitment process. We have forwarded your information to JMK BMW and one of their BMW ActiveE Advocates will be reaching out to you in the near future to finalize the lease.

After a BMW ActiveE has been assigned to you, AeroVironment, the charging partner of the BMW ActiveE, will be reaching out to you to schedule a charging station swap or charging station consultation.

If you plan to charge your BMW ActiveE at the same location as your MINI E, BMW will swap it out for the BMW ActiveE charging station at no charge. Please note that in order to be eligible for the free swap, your MINI E charging station must be located at the exact same location as it was most recently installed and permitted.

Starting late December, BMW ActiveE's will be available for delivery for MINI E Pioneers. We are excited to have you back onboard as we continue our journey to redefine the future of mobility.

See you on our mission,
The BMW ActiveE Team 

So late it looks like late December will be when I'll get my ActiveE. That's definitely a great Christmas present, I must have been nice this year!


  1. Yes, you have been good :-)

    Thanks for all of the informative information

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