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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BMW North American President Jim O'Donnell Gives Diesel Thumbs up, Electric Cars Thumbs Down!

In what I would call nothing short of shocking, (to me at least) BMW North American President Jim O'Donnell basically said Electric cars are rubbish. He said only the early adopters of LA are really interested and electric cars are "a niche that can only be used in the city" and "there's no point living in the country and having an electric car"
Really?? Maybe he should look at my file and see where I'm driving his MINI-E #250!!!
I don't want to really harp on this. Nothing good can come out of it. I just wonder how his bosses in Munich feel about airing this strong opinion. I really don't think this opinion is shared by the brain trust over there. If so, they are certainly spending a lot of money on a technology that is "all hype"


  1. If that's really how he views hybrids and electric cars then I think it's time for a change of the guard. Technology has passed this guy up.

  2. I agree with the diesel talk but he's not to straight on the e mobility stuff: bullox!

  3. What a buffoon. Sounds a bit out of touch

  4. What's really strange is that I just saw his interview at last years Auto Show. Same interviewer, same format, and he was talking about what a success the MINI-E program was and how many people are perfectly content with a 100 mile range for most all of their driving needs. I wonder why he did a 180 degree flip-flop on his position? It's bizarre

  5. My favorite comment on Youtube about this guy is:
    "It's so damaging when the President stumbles off the golf course and in a daze forgets that it's 2011."