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Thursday, December 9, 2010

More ActiveE Spy Shots Appear

These recently published spy photos were posted on a site called Motor Authority. They don't reveal any new details that I can tell, but it does seem odd that the PEU (power electronics unit) doesn't fit under the hood yet so they either haven't really engineered the entire "engine bay" area to fit all the components yet. One funny thing is the car has a sticker that say's "hybrid test vehicle".
Aaaa, no it's not... Have fun:


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  1. Thank you Tom for keeping up to date information available here on this car. DO yo know exactly when it will be available? I live in Boston and would like to participate. Do yo have an email address I could use to get in the queue?
    Thnx, Matt

  2. That's odd. You would think they have it pretty much finished by now. Isn't it launching in the spring?

  3. Matt & Phil: BMW hasn't officially announced when the program will launch, but since they haven't even accepted applications for perspective participants, I'm guessing they won't start the program until mid-summer at the earliest.

    Other MINI-E drivers have contacted me and asked if I have information about the launch date. Unfortunately at this time I do not but I hope to having something to report on soon...

  4. This has been a good winter for thermal conditioning testing in Germany. It's been cold and recently snowing.