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Monday, November 22, 2010

What Electronics Does the ActiveE Have in Store?

Images have been leaking out that show some detail on what the ActiveE information screens will look like as well as what features the driver will be able to control remotely through smartphone connectivity. 

The MINI-E's that are on the road now really don't have anything remotely similar to the features that will be in the ActiveE or eventually the Megacity car.  It is really just a MINI Cooper that has retrofitted with an electronic drivetrain. The instrumentation is basic MINI with very little changes to actually reveal that the car is indeed electric. Other than the charge meter where the tachometer usually and the ability to toggle a button on the blinker lever to reveal a small amount of information about the car, you would never know that it is an electric car.

That will change with the ActiveE as BMW has had time to properly engineer this car so that is has all the bells and whistles that you would want in such an advanced vehicle. While BMW hasn't announced the features that the car will have, these pictures should give you an idea of what they are planning.  The ability to program the car to precondition the cabin and battery temperature while still plugged into the grid will be a welcome feature. Also from the pictures it seems that you will be able to lookup directions to charge stations on your smartphone and send them to your ActiveE. You will see if the charger is currently in use or available, what level charging is there and how to get there.

I'll be pressing BMW to release more information about the cars capabilities and hopefully have some more information soon.


  1. What I would like to see is the car take into consideration the speed limit of you route when it calculates whether or not you can make the distance based on your charge %.

    If you enter your route, the car shouldn't only calculate the total miles, but how many of those miles will be driving on a 70mph highway, and how many miles will be driven on a 30mph secondary road. That is very important when calculating if you can make a particular destination.

    Tom, do you know if this car can do that?