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Saturday, November 6, 2010

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Gets the Green Light!

I know this is a BMW ActiveE site, but this news is too good not to report. The Megacity isn't the only plug in car that BMW will be offering in 2013. BMW just announced the above pictured prototype called the Vision Efficient Dynamics will also be available for sale in 2013!

I'm sure there will be some changes from the above pictures prototype, but the car will be basically the same mid-engined plug-in hybrid supercar when it goes into production and that is really awesome. Now obviously this will not be a car that the average Joe will be able to afford. Hell, I'm probably much better off financially than the average Joe and I can't even think of shelling out the estimated $150,000 it's going to cost, but that's not going to stop me from wanting one. Anyway, I figure maybe, just maybe BMW might want to give me one. Yes, that's right, I said GIVE me one. Let me explain.

By 2013 when it will be available, I'll have spent over four years in the MINI-E and ActiveE programs, providing BMW with lot of information and valuable data, but that's not nearly all. I have also been blogging about their e-mobility programs, speaking at many green car expo's and doing everything I can to promote the MINI-E and ActiveE programs. I've spent days at a time shooting videos for BMW, doing photo shoots and speaking to dozens of newspaper, magazine and online journalists about BMW's commitment to sustainability and their electric car future.

So I figure by the time the car is available, I'll have spent 50 months driving and promoting their brand. That's roughly 1,500 days. So now if the car costs $150,000 and they were gracious enough to GIVE me one, that would be like paying me $100 per day for the entire time I've been "working" for them. Geez, when I put it that way it doesn't sound so crazy after all..... I bet it would look great in my garage parked next to my shiny new Megacity. Both cars charging with the electricity I produce with my solar PV system, now that's a garage of the future! Anyone over there in Munich think this is a good idea and wants to make me really happy? I guess you know where to find me if you agree and oh yeah, I'll take mine in black, please. ; )

For more details on the car, follow this link.
 Update: I just uploaded this video of the car


  1. Nice try but I don't think they will be giving away any of these cars.
    Maybe they'll let you keep the active e when the program is over though. That would be a nice gesture

  2. Funny post (you are kidding right?) I'm sure the good people at BMW appreciate your involvement and all the exposure you are helping to generate though so maybe there will be something for you at the finish line, just don't expect a limited production plug-in hybrid super-car or I'm afraid you may be disappointed!

    Warm wishes,

  3. Hi Neils & Peter,

    Of course I don't think they are going to really give me one, but it never hurts to put it out there ;)

    I know BMW appreciates the exposure that some of the things I have done has generated for them but I'm not doing this expecting some kind of reward, I'm doing it because I feel lucky to be in the position I am in, driving such a unique car. There are lot's of people that want to know what it's like to drive an EV and I'm one of the few people that can really talk from experience. I believe in these cars and want others to know that they are a viable alternative from internal combustion engine cars. Plus, they are only going to get better now that most all of the auto manufacturers are building them. BMW is taking a methodical approach to their EV future, opting to develop and refine their cars more than some others are doing, and not worrying about being one of the first to market, just being one of the best.
    BMW hasn't really come out and talked about their electric car future as much as some would like so a lot of people ask me about what they have going on and what can they expect. I understand why they haven't yet really spent much energy on this since they won't even have a car that they are offering for sale for another two years. Once the Megacity and now Vision cars are a year or so from production I would expect to see BMW make their presence a lot more visible.

    Until then, you may be stuck with bloggers like me to keep you up to date on the cars that are coming out of the Project i campaign. I'll do my best to continue to post everything here that is related to BMW e-mobility.

  4. that looks like it's going to be an awesome car. Thanks for the info, I looked at some other news articles on it and the announcement about the leipzig plant. I hope they do give you one. How about they let you drive one for a year before they sell it like you are doing with the mini and Active e to gather information

  5. Hey Anonymous that's not a bad idea!

    I trial lease program for the BMW Vision sounds good to me! One year with the ActiveE and then one year with a Vision!

    I bet I could get a lot of press involvement and publicity for BMW driving one of those babies!

  6. Do you know what the all electric range will be before the petrol motor turns on?

  7. Tom. You most definitely deserve some consideration. You have been one of BMW's biggest supporter of e-mobility and many follow you even here in Germany