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Thursday, November 11, 2010

BMW to Invest $740 Million To Build Megacity and Future Electric Cars

BMW recently announced it will invest $560 million over the next three years at its production facility in Leipzig to build a variety of new electric vehicles, including the ActiveE, and then the Megacity and Vision supercar in 2013, plus another $180 million to make EV components and materials.

During the past year and a half that I have been in the MINI-E program, I have displayed the car and many "Green Car Expo's" and I have spoken at various events that promote green transportation. I have frequently come across people that say to me that BMW isn't committed to electric cars. That they only built the MINI-E to satisfy the California Air Resources Boards requirements and have no intention on really building and selling electric cars. Even after BMW announced the Megacity vehicle I would still be met with doubters that would say they will make them in low production numbers, just enough to be a halo car for BMW. I often debated their position and explained that BMW was sincere, and that they are moving methodically to make sure they get it right.

Now after the recent announcement that they will be investing nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars to build electric cars is there any doubt that they are committed to electric cars? I'm sure there will be some that continue to question it, but in my opinion, any reasonable person has to be convinced that BMW is serious about not only making electric cars, but being the world leader at it.


  1. Cool. So I guess they are all-in. Lets see what they put on the road

  2. I wish they were coming out sooner. I'd like to buy an electric BMW now!!!!