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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Sighting of a BMW ActiveE on the Streets

The first BMW Active to be seen driving on the street (to my knowledge) was spotted and reported by  Bimmerpost and 1Addicts. The car looks pretty much like the prototype other than some subtle changes like gray graphics instead of blue, a hood scoop, different wheels & tires, a new lower front air dam and some other small body changes. I do like the fact that the sticker graphics aren't quite as "loud" and the big "Efficient Dynamics" sticker is no longer on the side of the car.
I have no problem advertising that the car is all electric and zero emission, but all the other stuff looks tacky in my opinion. Jump over the 1Addicts for more pictures and reader comments HERE.


  1. When will these be available? I want one!

  2. Mark,

    These are only going to be available in a few markets and as a test program like the MINI-E trial lease. Go to the ActiveE BMW website for information and to find out if you are eligible to apply to lease one. Here is the link: