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Friday, August 24, 2012

Not Cool!

The above video shows someone hitting my car and taking off while it was parked and charging today. There wasn't too much damage and it appears all superficial but still you have to be a real jerk to hit someone's car like that and just take off. The Montclair PD is currently investigating and I have confidence they'll get the person because I provided many clear pictures of the truck. The video isn't clear enough to capture the license plate but you can see distinguishing details of the truck. I'll update the post when the person is caught which I expect will happen. Sorry about the size of the video, I don't know how to reduce it.

Not too much damage, but enough to cost me $500 for my deductible I'm sure. Plus lose the car for a week or so while it's being fixed.


  1. That sucks!!! Sorry about that Tom. At least you got him on camera and the damage doesn't look too bad.

  2. Yikes, talk about taking things too wide, way too wide in swinging into the spot. C'mon, that guy (or girl) shouldn't even have a license. Glad you got a pic, though

  3. My condolences Tom! Was that guy just drunk or was it really on purpose? Everything seemed a bit slow. Hope they get him and you don't have to pay for that.

  4. Thanks guys. I really don't think it was on purpose, I don't have anyone that's mad at me that I know of at least. I think the person was drunk by how they were driving. I have other video of them pulling in and out of the lot and they looked a bit shaky the whole time. Unless of course it was an OPEC hitman!

  5. Tom,

    Either way, I hope you get some justice. I know I'm trying to catch up to your pace (off by 20+ miles a day) but it's a lot more fun driving to catch up than have your AE be in the shop!

    Hope it's a quick turn around and get you back out there!


  6. Thanks Dennis. Yeah it's not fun. I'll be without it at least a week. BMW is checking to see if they even have a bumper here for it. Accidents happen, but you're a real jerk if you do something like this and take off.

  7. Wow what a nut! Hope the cops catch him.

  8. Tom -

    Sorry to hear this, but I'm glad you had such great evidence and that he was caught so quick!

    Here's one way to resize the video:
    1. Go into your blog editor and into this post.
    2. Look for a button that lets you edit the raw HTML or "source".
    3. Look for TWO instances of the number 1280 and change them both to 640.
    4. Look for TWO instances of the number 720 and change them both to 360.
    5. Save.


  9. Thanks for the tip Chris, I just fixed it. I figured one of the readers might help me out! I appreciate it!