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Monday, December 12, 2011

Any Day Now...

Any day now. Today is exactly 30 months to the day that I picked up MINI-E #250(June 12th, 2009) and began an experience that would change a lot about how I look at cars, energy and politics.

Today is the day my lease extension expires, so I have only the ten day grace period in which to return the car and pick up my ActiveE. Although I haven't been given any official word on the date, I can only assume JMK BMW would have made me sign another lease extension for the MINI-E if they felt I wouldn't be able to pick up my ActiveE by December 22nd, technically the last day I can drive the car. I have heard some of the other MINI-E lessees have been asked to sign another lease extension, so evidently BMW feels that they cannot get them their ActiveE in time. It will take a few weeks to get all of us MINI-E lessees our ActiveE's and from what I've been led to believe, I'm going to be one of the first to get theirs.

I've heard rumors about later this week sometime, but nothing official so I'll just have to wait and be ready. One thing's for sure though, it will be any day now...

UPDATE 12/14/11: I think I may have been a little optimistic.  I've received word from BMW that I won't be getting my car for a couple weeks, probably sometime right after the New Year, so the wait goes on. No problem as far as I'm concerned. I still have my MINI-E to drive around in. It's not as luxurious as the ActiveE, and lacks a lot of the features the electric 1-series has, but it's still a blast to drive and doesn't burn any oil or gas so it's all good to me.

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  1. Any updates? No one at my dealership knows any status.