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Monday, November 28, 2011

My ActiveE is on Order!

JMK BMW in Springfield, New Jersey
Step two of three is complete. I visited JMK BMW in Springfield, NJ and completed the financial application and signed the sales receipt. Manny Antunes, my sales representative explained all the details to me and we talked about the ActiveE for about forty five minutes. Manny is a hard core BMW fan and he's been really active helping BMW promote the ActiveE through social media.

Two level 2 EVSE's in my garage.
Now all I need is for AeroVironment, BMW's partner for supplying the charging equipment for the ActiveE, to come to my home and swap my MINI-E wall charger with the new J1772 compliant charger that the ActiveE will use. Actually I don't even need for them to install it for me to charge the ActiveE. I already installed a second wall charger in my garage with a J1772 connector. However since the MINI-E drivers get the new wall charger for free, I'll still accept it and get a new wall charger installed for free.The good news is I won't have to wait for the new one to be installed to charge my ActiveE.

From what I understand, the dealers will begin to get their ActiveE deliveries on December 15th so it won't be long after that before I get to pick up mine!


  1. Congrats Tom! I hope you keep us as well informed of your experiences with it as you have done with the Mini-e. You have done a brilliant job at communicating your thoughts and adventures

  2. Question for you: I have an email inviting us to sign up to be beta-testers for the ActiveE, but the process doesn't start until 12/1.

    Is BMW rolling out to different areas (I'm in San Diego) at different times, or because you were a mini-E driver, did you get an early entry?

    Good luck with the ActiveE!

  3. Hi Steve,

    The MINI-E drivers like myself got priority placement, so we were asked if we wanted one before the general public can apply. From what I understand you are correct and on December 1st you will be able to apply. However that date isn't etched in stone so don't worry if it is a couple days after that.

    I think they are going to be rolling out the cars in all of the markets simultaneously.

  4. Thanks Tom -- thanks -- after looking at your sites, I figured that might be the case.

    Whether we end up with one or not, I will definitely be watching this space to see how your experience is.