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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BMW ActiveE Live Conversations on Facebook April 20th

Want to get the latest ActiveE information and have your questions answered?

On April 20th at 5:30pm Eastern you can participate in a question and answer session live on Facebook. Richard Steinberg, Manager of Electric Vehicle Operations and Strategy at BMW asked me if I would participate in the Q&A session with him live from the New York Auto Show one week from today. I agreed and will be there with Richard talking about the impending launch of the ActiveE. BMW hasn't really released much information so far about the ActiveE, electing to wait for the NY Auto Show to announce the information about the lease program they are offering.

To participate,(or just watch) you need to log into your Facebook account and go to the conversations tab on BMW USA home page. The conversations tab can be found on the left side column but you may have to hit the "more" button first to view the "conversations" tab. Once there you can view the live video feed. You can even post questions a few days before the event (I think they are accepting questions starting tomorrow). BMW will review the questions submitted earlier and choose some of them for us to answer as well as questions coming in live during the event. If you miss the live broadcast, you can view it at the same location on the BMW FB page at a later time as they keep the conversations videos there for people to view at a later time.

I'll try to answer questions of the people I know (especially MINI-E pioneers!) but I'm not sure what kind of latitude I'll have in choosing the questions we answer. Feel free to also leave me a message if they're is something you would like discussed, I'll do what I can to introduce the topics people want to her discussed.

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  1. Great, Tom - I expect you to source a good bit of information on the car and hopefully confirm that we pioneers are going to be able to lease the car for no more than the $600 we currently pay per mo - as a bump back to the original $850 would be a slap in the face in my view. FYI - I confirmed the other day at my MINI dealer that the LA Sheriff's Dept. (who had been leasing 10 MINI E's at $10 per mo) returned all of their vehicles with virtually NO usage. The cars had been driven on average less than 100 miles each. Have fun at the show. Best - MW MINI E 053