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Friday, January 21, 2011

BMW Announces a Series of Four Short Films on the Future of Mobility

BMW is stepping up their promotion of their Efficient Dynamics program and electric car plans. They have made a series of four short films that feature people like astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the CEO of Virgin Galactic George Whitesides, VP of consumer products at Google Marissa Mayer and a host of other notable personalities. I'm even in there for a bit talking about my experiences driving an electric car for nearly two years now. BMW had me fly out to LA to talk with two other MINI-E drivers, Peder Norby and Todd Crook on camera about out thoughts on the "electric " future. The four films will all be released online in February, but you can view the trailer by clicking HERE. Oh, and when the films come out, let me know how my "acting" was, I think I could get used to living the "Hollywood" life! Enjoy!


  1. You were awesome :)
    ....but I would stick to the restaurant biz...HeHe!

    fun times with fun people.


    I have never met a more passionate,and well spoken person about electric cars and their advantages in my life.

    Good job Tom! Keep it up.

  2. Thank you Peder! I am really glad I finally met you and Todd. It was a great experience and I can wait to see how they fit us into the films.

    Be well!

  3. Cool! Thanks for the link, can't wait for the film

  4. So what is the purpose of the films? To plug BMW cars or is it more than that? Sounds like an extended infomercial

  5. It's good to see BMW doing this. It is proof positive they are really serious about alternative fuel vehicles including e-mobility

    Liam Donnely

  6. Anom: How about this: Watch the four short films and then come back here and we can discuss how you like or dislike them. If they are nothing more than a glorified BMW advertisement than I'll admit it and even say it's not worth watching.
    I promise you they will be much more than that, sorry but I can't say anything more about what they are about.